Amazon To Stop Using Dpd And Hdl For Deliveries

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Created December 20, 2011 by Anton


For some time now amazon have been using two companies for a large number of their deliveries. Dpd uk (express parcel delivery) and hdnl (home delivery network limited). These two companies have shown themselves to be incompetent in the organisation of customer service, indifferent to the needs of the disabled, dangerous in the conduct of their delivery vehicles, late for a great many deliveries, frequently damage parcels, have an unusually high number of item thefts, a customer service department that cannot be contacted even at quiet times, and have a system that reports a different tracking status to amazon than it does to via their respective online tracking portals. We therefore politely ask that amazon reconsiders it use of these two companies.

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  1. Christopher Behrsin UNITED KINGDOM

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve had problems with DPD.

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