ANIMAL CRUELTY! Bird Centre in Crews Hill, Enfield… Ban them from selling animals

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Created October 9, 2011 by Vikki Johnson

These need to be STOPPED!!!!

In March along with my family I went for a visit to Crews Hill in Enfield just for a day out in the sunshine!
Whilst in one shop I noticed that they had kittens so ofcourse I wanted to go and see them, I instantly fell in love with a beautiful little kitten who seemed so happy to see me. I had to buy her =) so £70 later I am on my way home with a kitten…
Normal situation at first but a few days later we noticed that my kitten (Misti) was ill because she wasn’t goin to the toilet properly so we took her to the vet who said she only appears to be about 4 weeks old and SHOULD NOT be away from her mother, we had to take Misti back to the vets another 4 times after this because she was in pain with her tummy and needed her antibiotic injections to try and give her what she needed!
On 25th April we came downstairs in the morning and noticed that Misti was not there to greet us as normal and after searching for her for atleast 10 minutes we heard a little meow and found her hiding under the sofa and we knew this was it, she was floppy and still and struggling to breathe!! Misti had to be put to sleep shortly after and all because a pet shop wanted to get their hands on money too early!!
Our vet and an emergency vet have both confirmed that Misti was only 7 weeks old when she died and we had already had her for 4 weeks

Misti is not the only poor, helpless animal and these people need to be banned from doing this to any more so please show your support

Misti <3

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