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Created January 23, 2008 by Pauline


Cremation law requires 2 doctors to review a death before cremation can take place. The doctors receive £69 each for every case they sign. If you think this is wrong, sign up to get it stopped!

There are currently 19 signatures for this petition:

  1. andy mullard UNITED STATES

    I agree, I\'ve heard it\'s tax free!

  2. Chris Hossack Brentwood UNITED KINGDOM

    The final insult

  3. barbara short UNITED KINGDOM

    And they call themselves an ethical profession!

  4. Mike Lock Basildon UNITED STATES

    jobs for the boys !!!


    absolutely unbelievable,told my family not topay cause a backlog at undertakers and spend the money on a booze up!!!!

  6. Jackie Harris Romford UNITED KINGDOM

    PLease stop this disgusting practice

  7. A.L oad'o'bollox Scrotum UNITED KINGDOM

    This petition is Utter shiite

  8. You. R. Ridiculous NHS UNITED KINGDOM

    its not £69 for a signature its £69 to ascertain that no foul play has contributed to your loved ones death!

  9. Leah Morgan London UNITED KINGDOM
  10. David Holt Wirral UNITED KINGDOM

    Totally wrong if these reviews are done during normal hours of duty when the doctors are being paid by the NHS.

  11. Sandra Murrell preston UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Caroline Wilson Elgin UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Andrew Morttenstein - Jenkins MS 15 Shaftesbury UNITED KINGDOM

    Its a bit of a scam really

  14. Steve Jones Holywell UNITED KINGDOM

    Death and taxes are inevitable, but not at the same time!

  15. josef mamula brno-bohunice CZECH REPUBLIC

    i agree

  16. Angela Woodford Tiverton UNITED KINGDOM

    My first husband used to come home with £27.50 in his pocket every time a patient died. (That was 1978) I see it's gone up to £69.00 now. I thought it was wrong then, and I still do!

  17. John Hopgood Guildford UNITED KINGDOM

    Charged for my father and I am sure, will want to do the same for my mother. Why only in the case of cremation?

  18. Amarjeet Chhonker coventry UNITED KINGDOM

    This is not right.

  19. Neil Wellappili UNITED KINGDOM

    Difficult to defend this practice, though I have been involvd in it.

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