Ban the Harvester Advert

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Created August 9, 2011 by Shaw


Many people have seen the recent Harvester Advert and have been incensed by it. Is it suppose to rhyme? We just don’t know. It is irritating and possibly the worst advert. It definately puts me off going. The fact they are now doing take-away just seems pointless and does little to encourage me to eat there, especially if I will be greeted with what seems the most annoying waitress. If you agree with me, please sign this petition and hopefully Harvester will make a new, more desirable advert!

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    Remove or improve this dreadful advert!

  2. Jodie UKRAINE

    Just a few chants for when you decide to stage a peaceful protest/ riot:

    Remove or Improve,
    Remove or Improve,
    Remove or Improve
    (I obviously stole this from you)

    Make it rhyme this time
    Make it rhyme this time
    Make it rhyme this time

    Thank-you Sue!
    Thank-you Sue!
    Thank-you Sue!

    Will let you know if I think of any more…

    J xx

  3. scarlet UNITED KINGDOM

    Definitely the worst advert ever…every time it comes on ITV Player I feel like throwing the laptop at a wall…

  4. Dan Tsantilis

    Simply the worst ad on the box

  5. Des jeffries UNITED KINGDOM

    This email reminds me that I am a human, and that we created the first sin on this earth.

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