Better Alternative Extreme Sports in Altrincham

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Created February 5, 2009 by Nick


We, Ask the council for improved alternative/extreme sports facilities in Altrincham.
We ask for more facilities at Navigation road Rec.
Permission to revive sunny bank jumps in the bollin(Bowdon).
Skate facilities at Altrincham Leisure Center.
Permission for Skating Prohibited to be re-opened.
And for these sports to be officially recognised and supported by the council:
BMX biking
Mountain Biking
Dirt Jumping
Inline Skating

There are currently 40 signatures for this petition:

  1. Andrew Bester Sale UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Ieuan Flowers Manchester UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Julian Fisher Altrincham UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Hannah Ruth Longsden altrincham UNITED KINGDOM

    I used to go to skate prohibited when i was open im now 19 and at uni and to old to that sort of thing but when skate prohibited was open i remembered it kept me and my friends from being neusances and causing trouble and gave us something to do at the weekend. Its a crying shame it got shut down, it should be reopened for the kids of alty, as there is nothing else to do in altrincham these days.

  5. jake thomas widnes UNITED KINGDOM

    save the park!

  6. Daniel Fisher Altrincham UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Daniel Lundy Timperley MALAYSIA
  8. jordan burns SALE UNITED KINGDOM

    any area would be great. there is nothing in the area.

  9. matt marshall altrincham UNITED KINGDOM
  10. michael tose UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Max Aremia Altrincham UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Philip Emmerson Hale UNITED STATES
  14. michael axl starkey Old trafford UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Edward Johnson altrincham UNITED KINGDOM
  16. simon lawson Altrincham UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Will Davies Altrincham UNITED KINGDOM

    Something deffo needs to be done, so fingers crossed if enough interest is generated we'll get somewhere with this.

    You've got my support for sure!

  18. David Denholm Manchester UNITED STATES

    I whole heartedly agree with this petition. I'm a skateboarder from the nearby area, and it is true, there is nowhere for us to skate. Please help us out, get us off the streets, and give us somewhere to skate…
    :) Come on, you know you want to….

  19. jeff chapman altrincham UNITED KINGDOM

    Completly agree with everything, facilities are much needed.

  20. michael thomason wythnshaw (baugley) UNITED KINGDOM

    i am a 27 year old male not a child there is no where for me to freeride/dirt jump its not just for little kids !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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