Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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  1. Ned

    Far too bright when driving in rural or quiet motorways. Very distracting in side view mirrors too.

  2. Thierry AUSTRIA

    It’s too bright for my eyes, to see all these cars with DRL. Why can’t they reduce the acceptable brigthness?

  3. Pete Fionda UNITED KINGDOM

    I have driven over 3 million miles without problem, but since the advent of non-essential search-lights on the fronts of vehicles I find myself looking at the nearside verge rather than the whole road, as I am blinded by these monstrosities for several hundred yards.

  4. nigel slade

    Ultra bright lights are totaly uneccessary in a densly populated country like the UK.
    Sooner they are banned the .better


    As well as increasing risk of accident or injury due to affecting drivers’ vision, I find the lights are an unnecessary source of stress. When walking I have to use extra mental energy to look away from the glaring lights. Sometimes this challenges my available concentration levels, causing anxiety and confusion. This is not welcome when needing to cross busy roads, near a hospital and police station (when emergency vehicles may have noisy sirens and travel at high speed through red lights), as pedestrian crossing signals cannot always be relied upon due to necessary breaches of signalling. These lights also seen to come on somewhat prematurely when there are ordinary light levels and so good visibility of unlit vehicles.

  6. Tim Pedder UNITED KINGDOM

    Overly bright lights are completely unnecessary. They dazzle road users, leaving an after effect blind spot in the eyes. They achieve nothing and put lives and safety in general at risk.

  7. Jane Atchison UNITED KINGDOM

    I am so pleased to find this petition!! As I have been complaining about the problem of absurdly bright headlights for a couple of years or more, yet didn’t find anyone to agree with me before. I wrote to my MP, who helpfully provided the ‘Lightmare’ campaign information. I am a cyclist, and cycle at night regularly as I work permanent nightshifts. If possible I do stop motorists and ask them to dip their lights, often being told they are already dipped ! or get verbal abuse on occasion. However, this evening, I received a much more helpful response when a driver apologised and adjusted his lights downwards there and then. But it would be so much better for them to not be so bright in the first place. Especially in well-lit areas, where it is really unnecessary for a whole street full of cars to have all their lights on full. Side lights would be adequate in such conditions, I believe.

  8. Jon Risdon

    We are becoming more risk-averse, and being sold bright day-running lights under the guise of safety, when in fact they are totally unnecessary and, in addition, dazzling and thereby causing the danger they are trying to prevent. We all have a marvellous car accessory that tells us when it is necessary to turn a car’s lights on: it’s called a brain.

  9. Jeremy Calderwood UNITED KINGDOM

    Dazzlingly bright lights effectively “hide” cyclists, pedestrians and animals at the side of the road. Such lights are more dangerous on unlit roads especially where animals may stray into the road. Even some bicycle lights are too bright, particularly when aimed at the oncoming drivers’ eyes.

  10. Mark Griffiths UNITED KINGDOM

    Driving an mx5 and being bullied from behind by discovery/range rover drivers with these stupid dangerous lights causes much frustration and distraction. why do they all want to drive at lunatic speeds on A roads bullying other road users who don’t have these dangerously bright lights.

  11. Mark Griffiths UNITED KINGDOM


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