Boycott News International and BBC TV License as They have Cost Us the World Cup

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Created December 2, 2010 by GBP


On my birthday this year the Sunday Times laid allegations of corruption at the doors of FIFA. This was then followed up by the BBC's Panorama program eventhough it was made clear to them that this would scupper our chances after two years of hard work to host the World Cup in England in 2018 or 2022.

Although we have a Free Press, both the BBC and News Internationl owe the people of the Nation Social responsibility and a duty of care.

They have both acted negligently by airing their allegations and investigation just weeks before the Final Decision by FIFA.

As suspected by most we lost our bid for hosting the World Cup in spectacular fashion with only two votes out of 22.

During these hard times of recession and gloom the actions of these two massive organisation was naive and irresponsible.

In an ideal legal system we the Football Supporters of England could take them to court and file a law suit for

There are currently 5 signatures for this petition:

  1. Brian Humphry Manchester UNITED KINGDOM

    Indeed, it was bad timing.

  2. philippa needham claygate

    They cost us the world cup and now they should be punished. The BBC is anti-english

  3. Stephanie Olekszy Claygate UNITED KINGDOM
  4. christina fletcher chorley
  5. Hayley Hitchman UNITED KINGDOM
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