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Created October 23, 2010 by Gemma


This year, pink day (referred to as "Non-uniform Charity Day" on Friday 22nd October on the school calendar) was cancelled at Longford Community School. Parents and students were not clearly informed of this, and were not given reasons for the cancellation. On this day in previous years each student would pay a pound to charity to wear pink clothing to school. This raised huge amounts of money for Breast Cancer Awareness, and formed a sense of community around the school. Even companies allow their uniformed staff to wear pink on this day when donating to charity. Why are we not allowed? I hope you show your support, thank you. We the undersigned respectfully request the reinstatement of non-uniform charity days at our school, Longford Community School.

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  1. toyah grimes UNITED KINGDOM

    bring back pink day!! its for chartity.. wheres the wrong in that?

  2. Kiera Drennan Feltham UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Peter Jackson F-Town UNITED KINGDOM

    This is an utter outrage, she's gone too far!! TOO FAR!!! no but in seriousness she's deemed the school to be wanting to achieve high in all means of society but if we're unable to help out our local community and a charity at that then how are we achieving to the highest standard? We're not thats how also where's the use of student voice?? Its just a placebo used and thought up but the "Heads" of the school to encourage rational thought and YES-MEN where is the means of democracy?! where is the rights that we have as students to people to have our voice heard? WHERE IS OUR STUDENT VOICE? And, with such a thing we would've been able to prevent and or stop the abolishment of one of the most looked forward to days on the school year diplomatically. Yours Peter Jackson

  4. Ahmed Ali Bedfont UNITED KINGDOM

    There is no reason why 'pink day' should be cancelled. It is a designated day of the year and does not affect students learning. I remember we once had an exam on the pink day.

  5. Tarik Rami UNITED KINGDOM

    Longford's students should continue fighting for what they believe in, especially if it involves the new head (Mrs Kenning) restricting the fantastic charity work they conduct. Don't loose your voice!

  7. Jojo Addae Somewhere UNITED KINGDOM

    Ahmed I quite remember you being distracted by a certain someone half way through the test. Tehe, anyway Gemma well done for actually doing this – shows how much you care about Longford.

  8. jack sherwood feltham/bedfont UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Gary Judge Felthaaaamm UNITED KINGDOM

    To be honest, her only reason for banning pink day is because it may distract learning, How can it distract learning if it is a bit of fun for a charity. If she believes that this school can truly excel, then surely the children will know that it is a regular school day, but wearing pink is solely for a charity purpose. Its just pathetic. IMO.

  10. Sam Garry Bedfont UNITED KINGDOM

    It's a disgrace to cancel such an event, especially as it is for charity. When i first heard i was shocked, so well done to Gemma for trying to bring it back, woot woot! xD

  11. adam willis bedfont UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Rachel Jeffery Bedfont UNITED KINGDOM
  13. P. I Staker UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Dale Horsnell feltham UNITED KINGDOM

    this is just outragous

  15. Sandeep Singh Bedfont UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Emma Prior Hogwarts
  17. lewis nicholls bedfont UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Benjamin Cohen UNITED KINGDOM

    I Think pink day should come back because its a tradition at longford to have pink day and its unfair to stop that and to stop that tradition

  19. Max Howick London UNITED KINGDOM



    Bring Pink day back to Longford!!
    Its for Breast Cancer Charity!
    What's going on with helping other people by raising money?!

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