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Created October 4, 2007 by paul


Confectionery giant Cadbury Schweppes is to close its Keynsham factory, near Bristol, by 2010 with the loss of about 500 jobs, a further 200 jobs would go at its Bournville plant, in Birmingham, with production being moved to Poland
Please sign our petition and support for the workers of Cadbury.

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  1. Helen Totten Bebington UNITED STATES
  3. Wendy Slater Basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    Fellow Brits, it is time for solidarity and we must join together and stand up for what is right. Too long we have sat back and allowed our British Heritage to be whittled away before our very eyes. Complacency can no longer be our way! If we are to have anything left of what makes us unique…..British, then we must unite. No government or financial institution can take on an entire nation. Let us stand together and be counted. jWe must give the power back to the unions to ensure our jobs are safe and we are given a fair wage for a days work. They cannot keep making huge financial profits for the shareholder while we, the backbone of their business are paid low wages or have our jobs taken away. Because we have turned our cheek while the unions were stripped of their power we no longer are shown any loyalty or given any securtiy by our employers. We can change this country together and make it a better place for all of us!

  4. Glen Higgs Basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    If Cadbury\\\\\\\'s isn\\\\\\\'t made in the UK then I wont buy it anymore and I encourage everyone to boycott their products, lets hit them where it hurts. They wont need to open a new factory in Poland because their sales will be down!!!!

  5. Matthew Densley UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Linda Bartlett Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM
  7. geraldine doswell Bexhill-on-sea UNITED KINGDOM

    I can not believe we have to do this! It is an institution. I am with the workers!

  8. dawn lourie bo\'ness UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Karen Frost Ashingdon UNITED KINGDOM

    Please keep cadburys its the best chocolate ever. Dont get rid of more workers.

  10. darren head milton keynes UNITED KINGDOM

    i will no longer be buying any cadbury products as a protest to closures.

  11. pavelvolinkins pavelvolinkins Charlotte Amalie RUSSIAN FEDERATION

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  12. sue king UNITED STATES

    I have not purchased Hersey’s for years because the taste in faaar inferior to other chocolates. I feel Hersey’s adds fillers to stretch their profit margin, and I’d rather pay more if that’s needed, to get the better taste and quality ingredients. Also, the dark cacao has health benefits that the non-cacao does not, and this is a consideration for all in the chocolate manufacture and consumer interests.

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