Help Free Factory Animals In The Uk

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Created December 5, 2014 by Jade Knight

It can free animals who live in poor conditions and are treated horribly in factories!!

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Re-instatement Of An Area Dog Warden

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Created April 24, 2014 by dogwarden

We all try and do our bit to keep our community friendly, clean and tidy. Unfortunately there are few who don’t. Now there are more homes in Cambourne do you feel we need to re-instate a dog warden (or issue authority to a person┬áto enforce the law on dog fouling and dogs not under owner […]

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Stop Copenhagen Zoo From Over Breeding And Slaughtering Healthy Animals

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Created February 9, 2014 by tulipbuds

Please show your disgust of the over breeding and slaughter by Copenhagen Zoo of healthy and innocent animals.

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Stop The Use Of Angora Rabbit Fur In All Stores In The Uk

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Created December 28, 2013 by Stevie

I bought a jumper in topshop today, then realised when i got home the jumper actually contains angora rabbit fur. I came across the article on the daily mail, however this highlights certain stores that have banned the use of the fur, and doesn’t say all stores. Some retail stores, such as topshop, are continuing […]

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Clean Up Savernake!

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Created July 30, 2013 by Lauradee

**EDIT- I started the petition below in 2013 and sadly only gathered 80 signatures, yesterday seeing yet another post about the state of the lake, and more sadly the distressing photos of a large amount of fish gathered all gasping for air, as well as dead fish that have seemingly suffocated really saddened me. There […]

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