Please Don’t Close All Swindon’s Childrens Centres

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Created December 23, 2015 by Fay Howard

Petition background (preamble): swindon council plan to decommission the following five children’s centres currently provided by 4children service to achieve a reduction in the budget for this service  drove  moredon  gorse hill  pinehurst & penhill  parks & walcot east instead, create a new family support service running from penhill sure […]

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Replace East Surrey MP Mr Gyimah

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Created November 21, 2015 by Jackie Fisher

Are you satisfied with east surrey mp mr gyimah’s performance? Y/n some may consider him a freeloader why are 519 out of 635 mps more active (2014 figures) than mr gyimah when it comes to replying to their constituents. He did not reply to any emails, posts or letters to him in 2015 to support […]

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Reopen A Co-op Shop On Plymstock Broadway, Plymouth

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Created September 27, 2015 by f e sharpe

An appeal to the co-0perative group manchester, please reopen a co-operative store on the plymstock broadway, plymouth. Maybe including clothes and electrical as well as food.

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Stop Parking Enforcement At 1-18 Belvedere Mews

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Created September 25, 2015 by Davina

Vote today for your right to continued STRESS FREE, FREE PARKING at 1-18 Belvedere Mews SE15 3LT. There have been parking issues over the years and residents have always come together to resolve any issues. The latest issue resolved being non-residents parking along entrance and at times in bays. The new proposed enforced controls are […]

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New Equipment In The Park In Bourne Road

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Created August 12, 2015 by caroline brown

In order to get new equipment have been told a petition has to be presented to west berkshire council. I’m sure everyone will agree the small park in bourne road most definitely needs a re vamp and to be updated. The park is used everyday by the residents of pangbourne. I’m sure the children would […]

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