Selamatkan Kadaton Sultan Ternate

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Created July 30, 2011 by Ibrahim

Ini adalah Petisi yang Menolak DESAIN Museum Baru yang dibangun di samping selatan KADATON SULTAN TERNATE, Maluku Utara, Indonesia. Kadaton Sultan Ternate yang sudah dinyatakan sebagai CAGAR BUDAYA adalah aset milik bangsa Indonesia, juga sebagai simbol Budaya masyarakat Maluku. Kadaton Sultan Ternate yang sejak 1981 oleh Mendikbud Dr. Daoed Djoesoef  telah ditetapkan sebagai MUSEUM MEMORIAL […]

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The People Of Morecambe Want There Big Festivals back

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Created May 14, 2011 by Barry

This is a Petition to show the Council that the people of Morecambe want festivals such as Light & Water, Summer Breeze, Womad and The Punk Festival back! These events attracted thousands and were great for our Town. Today we are left with much smaller events that don't have the same impact and attract few […]

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Get the BBC to bring back closedowns and clocks

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Created April 2, 2011 by Arto

In 2002, the BBC embarrassingly took away the late night closedowns and pre-programme clocks as well as the famous globe. After nearly a decade away from these iconic elements of BBC programming, I have decided to make this petition, in a bid to persuade them to bring them back. 2/4/2011

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Rock Paper Shotgun Says No Oceans

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Created March 22, 2011 by John

Rock, Paper, Shotgun is campaigning to see an end to staggered release dates for games. If you would like to see games coming out on the same day worldwide, benefiting retailers, digital distribution services, developers, publishers and games players, then sign below.

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Created February 28, 2011 by Patricia Emma Helena

We, the undersigned, call upon Swansea Council not to dispose of The Dylan Thomas Centre, but instead to retain it for worldwide public cultural benefit.

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