Student Finance Should Give Loans To Uk Nationals Who Study Abroad

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Created July 1, 2018 by Ozzy Medicine

Student finance only funds short term education abroad, however there is no help offered to students who would like to study a substantial degree that lasts more than a year abroad. There are many students who cannot study medicine in the uk so they have to resort to going to europe to pursue their dream, […]

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Save West Wickham Pools

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Created March 7, 2018 by bo povlsen

Rumours are that Bromley London borough council want to demolish the pool in West Wickham. We the signatories of this petition want to preserve the pool in West Wickham as it provides an excellent swimming lesson programme which over the years has taught thousands of children to swim. It also is offering adult and junior […]

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So, Where Can You Get The Royal Vacuums?

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Created August 14, 2017 by stanberry.c stanberry.c

So, where can you get the royal vacuums? You can get them online. There are a couple of different sites that sell them. The only other way to find these vacuums is to find a dealer. There are many dealers you can find and you can even find one that is close to your area. […]

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Stop Schools Banning Coats Indoors In Cold Weather

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Created February 18, 2016 by kelly smith

I believe individuals should sign this petition as how does wearing a coat affect a child’s education. Why should students have to suffer in the freezing cold classrooms without a coat. In my eyes no student will do their work if they are freezing cold so wearing a coat in my eyes will allow them […]

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Stop The Plan For Center Schools In Our District-CORRECTION OF PLAN

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Created January 29, 2016 by slhanna23

  I apologize I didn’t have the exact plan correct so I updated the information, the plan listed is now correct. Delavan darien school district is planning on creating center schools. This would mean splitting our grades up and placing them in separate schools. The plan is as follows : Early Childhood, 4-year-old and 5-year-old kindergarten classes […]

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