Stop The Plan For Center Schools In Our District-CORRECTION OF PLAN

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Created January 29, 2016 by slhanna23

  I apologize I didn’t have the exact plan correct so I updated the information, the plan listed is now correct. Delavan darien school district is planning on creating center schools. This would mean splitting our grades up and placing them in separate schools. The plan is as follows : Early Childhood, 4-year-old and 5-year-old kindergarten classes […]

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Don’t Give Drew A Referral!

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Created May 5, 2015 by LewisMG

Don’t give drew a referral! Don’t give drew a referral! Don’t give drew a referral!

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Save Our Social-life

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Created March 6, 2015 by SJ Russell

The local authority has stopped the funding for children with sen (special educational needs), to have social activities, e. G. After school clubs, holiday clubs and short breaks. They want our “special” children to join in with mainstream children doing activities. This is not acceptable as these children need more complex care!!

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Non School Uniform!

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Created February 13, 2015 by JP Lenk

Its scientifically proven that that children work better in their own comfy clothes as they have more freedom to move and children always seem happier in comfy clothes. Non school uniform also allows children to be themselves and express themselves how they want to. It saves money now that you don’t have to buy uniform […]

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No School Unifom In Uk Schools Ever Again

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Created by JP Lenk

I think that we should wear whatever we want for school because it gives us the freedom of expression and it lets our creativity flow. School tells us to do just that. It lets everyone see what type of person you are like. Wearing school uniforms makes everyone look like clones and we don’t want […]

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