Support British Steel Industry

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Created October 17, 2015 by f e sharpe

Let the british government know we should keep a strong steel industry in the united kingdom by signing this petition.

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Keep Steel Plant In Red Car Working

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Created September 30, 2015 by f e sharpe

Please support this petition to the united kingdom government to keep the steel plant in red car working and not mothballed.

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Save Our Lollypop Men / Ladies In Wrexham (our Childrens Safety Comes First)

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Created November 9, 2013 by rayna

Facebook page save our wrexham schools lollypop men and ladies. Hello parents of acton children! I have been talking to pete the crossing patrol man and unfortunately he is set to lose his job under the new council cuts. He is being made redundant in april unless the local community council can take over his […]

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Unfair & Illegal Pay At The Inc Group!

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Created January 31, 2012 by Eren

Alot of people have been moaning about the pay, now is the time to come together and do something about it. Whats more is the slap in the face weve received as inc venues have recently been painted and furnished (some are undergoing refurbishment right now! ), yet we still receive late pay, not only […]

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Renew Waldron

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Created December 22, 2011 by Silas

Those of you want waldron to stay (or go! The most votes win) sign the petition!!

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