Petition for a UKC Living Wage

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Created November 16, 2011 by UKC

We the undersigned request a meeting with the Vice Chancellor to discuss how the Living Wage will be implemented for all directly employed and contracted-out staff who work at our University on the Canterbury Campus. We believe that no one who works on our campus should be poor.

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Save Newport Passport Office

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Created May 21, 2011 by Robert

The ConDem Government has thrown down the gauntlet by announcing the closure of the Newport Passport Office. This is just one of many devasting cuts we will see in the public sector. The closure of the office will mean the loss of 300 jobs in an already deprived area of South Wales. We deplore the […]

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Save The Animation Team at the Sahara Beach

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Created May 1, 2011 by cheryl

Thomas Cook have taken over the running of the hotel Sahara Beach, Skanes, Tunisia. One by one our beloved Entertainers are leaving. Thomas Cook dont seem to realise that many people are repeat guests because of the animation team, Tehy dont seem to realise they are tearing the heart and soul out of this hotel.

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Hull JobShop Closure

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Created April 27, 2011 by Ben

It is sad to announce that funding for Hull JobShop will cease as from 29th July 2011 Since the opening of Hull JobShop in Nov 2009 we have achieved; 3600 Registrations 987 Clients submitting more than one application form 628 Clients Invited to interview 452 Clients into permanent employment. We have an excellent proactive team […]

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Recognise The Title of Chartered Engineer

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Created February 17, 2011 by Stephen

We belive that the government of the United Kingdom should intorduce legislation to protect the tile of Engineer in the same manner as Architect, Solicitor or Doctor

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