TESCO cleaners fight cuts

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Created October 4, 2010 by bill

TESCO's cleaning contractor TC Contractors has, under the bogus guise of 'redundancies' imposed savage cuts in the terms and conditions of its cleaners. It has in effect torn up these workers contracts and is pressuring them to sign blank-cheque contracts. Contrary to TC's redundancy claims, not only has the workload not changed but new tasks […]

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Back on Track bring train manufacturing back to the North East

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Created July 29, 2010 by Neil

To the House of Commons: The Petition of Residents of the Sedgefield constituency and others declares that the petitioners believe that the Government should implement the procurement of rolling stock through the Intercity Express Programme, which would lead to Hitachi building manufacturing site in Newton Aycliffe; and further that this would result in the creation […]

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BAN MPs Employing Family Members

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Created May 15, 2009 by James

? The people of the United Kingdon, call on the House of Commons authorities to immediately ban MPs? from employing family members in any capacity related to their publicly funded work. All employment positions for MP's staff must be publicly advertised in a government Job Centre or additionally in a recognised Recruitment Agency and only […]

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SAVE Ken Wood

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Created March 26, 2009 by Rebecca

Hello everyone, some of you may know me, my name is Rebecca and I am a student of UCA Maidstone… I set up the Act Now! campaign to save our campus…. With all your support I'm now asking you to please continue on another stressful matter. Currently academic staff and technicians are fighting for posts […]

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Stop the Royal London Society for the Blind Workshop Closure

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Created June 6, 2008 by Matt

We, the undersigned, are extremely concerned at the decision to close the RLSB London workshop and call on the RLSB to reverse this decision and protect the employment of the blind and partially sighted workers employed at the workshop.

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