Change San Diego To Sen Diego!

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Created July 30, 2014 by Muffin Grenn

For the lulz.

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Delete The Post Of Chief Executive At Rossendale Borough Council

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Created July 21, 2014 by C Smith

We live in challenging economic times. We all have tough choices to make as to how we spend our money and the same is true with our council. The truth is that we don’t need a chief executive for such a small council (it’s one of the smallest in the country). The post costs us […]

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Cambridge Inner-city Nature Reserve

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Created May 14, 2014 by Edward Chantler-Hicks

Having a local nature reserve in the middle of cambridge city. This would be great because: 1) it would provide a place for local primary schools to go on field trips and learn about wildlife and do hands on activities like pond dipping. 2) it would be a place to escape from the hustle and […]

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Re-instatement Of An Area Dog Warden

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Created April 24, 2014 by dogwarden

We all try and do our bit to keep our community friendly, clean and tidy. Unfortunately there are few who don’t. Now there are more homes in Cambourne do you feel we need to re-instate a dog warden (or issue authority to a person┬áto enforce the law on dog fouling and dogs not under owner […]

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Save Epsoms Green Belt

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Created March 26, 2014 by Daniel Race

Please sign our online petition to support planning officers both in Epsom and Mole Valley to reject any loss of green belt. The Woodland Trust will safeguard 640 acres of land but one field has been retained by Langley Bottom Farm. This land is immediately adjacent to the village and villagers fear future residential development. […]

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