Stop Rising Food Prices!!

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Created February 13, 2015 by JP Lenk

Fruit prices have risen 34% since 2007, just 8 years. Our aim is to stop these rising prices and help people struggling to feed themselves and their family!

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Education And Eating Disorders

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Created January 29, 2015 by Danielle Pritchard

Anorexia nervosa is statistically the number one mental health killer. Every magazine cover, model, it girl and idolised celebrity is suggesting to young girls that this is beautiful. I myself have suffered with anorexia nervosa and bulimia, getting down to 5 stone and having a life threatening bmi of 12. 4. What teenager do you […]

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Help Save Ward 24 Glenfield Hospital

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Created December 6, 2014 by Helen Riley

Ward 24 at the glenfield hospital is closing down.. Losing 27 beds.. Who will be moved around to other wards.. There is already a shortage of cardiac wards.. We are a fantastic team.. Work well together.. The patients love us and our ward manager is fantastic.. So caring and works beyond her duties for the […]

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Stop The Fraudulent Removal Of Money From Peoples Account-whitetime Tooth Whitening Poison

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Created September 13, 2014 by Reichen

Whitetime tooth whitening company is a fraudulent company that cons innocent citizens off of at least ¬£100 and more, for anyone who is in search of healthier looking teeth. The company holds us against our quest and desire for a brighter smile as this smile is what even puts food on some of us tables, […]

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Re-instatement Of An Area Dog Warden

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Created April 24, 2014 by dogwarden

We all try and do our bit to keep our community friendly, clean and tidy. Unfortunately there are few who don’t. Now there are more homes in Cambourne do you feel we need to re-instate a dog warden (or issue authority to a person¬†to enforce the law on dog fouling and dogs not under owner […]

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