Stop the destruction of historic Hampstead

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Created March 3, 2011 by basement

We are campaigning against basement developments in our neighbourhood. I would like to draw your attention to a development planned at 8 Pilgrim's Lane. The development is a staggering overdevelopment of a very small site. I would like to ask if you could support our campaign. Please see the link for a slide show and […]

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Stepping Stones Save Their Home

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Created February 22, 2011 by Hannah

Just when most young people get support and guidance to build a foundation for their independence for their future, some are left abused, neglected and to fend for themselves. rnStepping stones is a home for these young people when there is nowhere else to turn. Stepping Stones offer all the fundamentals, guidance, training and opportunities […]

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clean up local authorities

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Created January 20, 2011 by michael

i live in a small town of wootton bassett, many of you may know it as the place are heroes come home to, how ever 13 years ago a group of are local council employee,s sent up there own housing association now known as westlea housing, who,s standards leave a lot to be desired, we […]

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Open Places Of Worship As Shelter For The Homeless

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Created December 20, 2010 by Sarah

RECOVERY mental health charity requests that places of worship (chuches, mosques, synagogues etc) are opened as overnight shelter for the homeless.

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No to Mass Housing in Parish of Purton

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Created July 4, 2010 by Richard

Explanation In June 2010, a new duty on local authorities (which includes Wiltshire Council) came into force and now requires the Council to respond to petitions and to tell local people what action is going to be taken. It is part of a set of measures designed to reinvigorate local democracy. Hitherto, some of our […]

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