Human Rights

Stop Closing Arab Atheists Pages

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Created March 25, 2018 by Yazan Alaws

Athiest cammunity in north africa and the middle east finds a lot of attacks that have moved from the real life to facebook. And it is the only outlet that has left us to vent the repression of religion , gouvernement and societies. We are demanding an arena respect our minds , ideas and allow […]

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Save West Wickham Pools

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Created March 7, 2018 by bo povlsen

Rumours are that Bromley London borough council want to demolish the pool in West Wickham. We the signatories of this petition want to preserve the pool in West Wickham as it provides an excellent swimming lesson programme which over the years has taught thousands of children to swim. It also is offering adult and junior […]

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Boycott The Pegasus

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Created February 25, 2018 by Randy Cuniff

The owner of the pegasus is a hypocrite. Your money is supporting the republican agenda.

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A Referendum On Same Sex Marriage In Northern Ireland.

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Created July 4, 2017 by Curtis Lee

It’s time to demand simple human rights! Our aim is to ask for a referendum put to the people of northern ireland, and asking them if they believe that same sex marriage should be implemented in our society.

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British Bill Of Human Rights

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Created February 27, 2016 by f e sharpe

A petition to the united kingdom government to bring forward its its promised british bill of human rights

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