Bring Back Zayn

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Created March 26, 2015 by zayn malik

Guys liam cant fix things this time. Why dont we do it? Heaven knows how much we love zayn so much. Lets show him how much. That hes not alone. That its not just his battle. Its our battle as well. We’re a family. Families help each other out. Lets bring zayn back. We can […]

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Give Dilhani The Right To Stay In The Uk

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Created December 12, 2014 by Dilhani Gunewardane

I am a u. S. Citizen, born in saudi arabia abd have been residing in the uk for a total of 10 years with a break to experience a different work culture in the usa, but now expected to leave the uk on january 31st 2015 due to my student visa expiring on this date. […]

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Stop State Sponsored Torture

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Created October 6, 2014 by Ony Gogo-Charles

All around the world people in different countries are being held captive and being tortured in order for governments to get answer and as forms of punishments. But his defiles basic rights as humans. These people are exactly like us and sadly some of them are even innocent but yet they are still there going […]

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Tell Sainsbury’s Not To Sell Stolen Dates

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Created August 6, 2014 by Irfan Anwar

Please sign this petition and let sainsbury’s know our joint concerns along with this letter. During ramadan, my family, friends and i usually buy more dates than at any other time of the year. Last year, i noticed that you stock dates supplied by the israeli exporter mehadrin. Mehadrin is well known for sourcing produce […]

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Delete The Post Of Chief Executive At Rossendale Borough Council

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Created July 21, 2014 by C Smith

We live in challenging economic times. We all have tough choices to make as to how we spend our money and the same is true with our council. The truth is that we don’t need a chief executive for such a small council (it’s one of the smallest in the country). The post costs us […]

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