Help Us With The Removal Of This Hateful Tumblr Blog

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Created May 7, 2012 by Kitty Chan

This blogs purpose has turned into a malicious place for users and “trolls” to make hurtful, hateful comments about anything and everything they want, the purpose of this blog was never to name and shame, slag off and generally hate on artists. Whither its about the artists personally ot there art. These peolpe should of […]

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Banned Players From Cheeky Bingo

47 Signatures | Petition Ended

Created January 2, 2012 by beverley

This is a petition to get all banned players and hosts back on cheeky bingo before the site folds due to broken promises and current hosts who do not have an understanding of uk humour and thresholdes of vulgarity. It is time for sue dore to wake up and smell the coffee. So i am […]

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Please Increase The Upload Speed Of The Internet In Montenegro

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Created by aruseni

This petition is addressed to the office of deutsche telekom ag. We appeal to you on behalf of all users of t-com internet services in montenegro. We all encounter the same problem with the internet. The upload speed is too much limited to make our usage of the internet comfortable. This is noticeable while either […]

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Remove The Facebook Timeline!

33 Signatures | Petition Ended

Created December 24, 2011 by Zsolt

Sign the petition!

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Bring Back The Y-y!

1 Signature | Petition Ended

Created November 24, 2011 by Jack Ritson

*image soon* call of duty petition to get back the double tap y/y or tri/tri in mw3! We need it back!  it isn’t a glitch it is part of the game and always has been since cod1. Let’s get it back lads!

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