Stop Tudor Pirating

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Created October 21, 2011 by Eyes

Let’s all stop Tudor from pirating and making us stressed!

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Give Facebook Users The Choice Of Changes

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Created September 23, 2011 by Nigel Harman

With your help we can try and get Facebook to consult its users to changes on its site and if changes are to be made then implement them gradually and not all in one go so that people can get used to the changes gradually.  Some of the members are elderly and have trouble with […]

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De-mod Ludolic

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Created August 20, 2011 by David Marsh

Petition to demod Ludoic, cause he always gets on everyone’s nerves and won’t shut up about bloody maps left right and center!

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Unlimited data fair use policy removal

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Created March 20, 2011 by warren

This is to petition Ofcom to get communication providers to remove the word unlimited from their product descriptions where a fair use policy exists. The oxford dictionary describes the word unlimited as: 1 not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent: If you are sold a product as unlimited that is what […]

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Cease the partnership of Saurik and SACNR

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Created January 27, 2011 by William

Are you tired of Saurik's childish behaviour on the SACNR IRC? Sign this petition and when we hand it to Blacklite, hopefully the message will be made clear that we do not appreciate Saurik's presence in the SACNR community.

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