United Kingdom Military

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Created July 6, 2015 by f e sharpe

Please sign this petition to the united kingdom government saying there should be an increase in defence spending so the country has more planes, ships, helicopters. Submarines, and man power.

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Ww1 Memorial Plaque For “our Unforgotten Five”

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Created June 27, 2014 by Corrina Wilson

After legally visiting christ church’s locked graveyard via appointment, myself and the group i was with were horrified at the state of the five ww1 graves that are still within the churchyard and were deeply saddened that these five local men who fought for us lay forgotten until we literally stumbled across them. We’ve been […]

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Keep The United Kingdom Nuclear Deterrent

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Created July 16, 2013 by frederick

Please support this petition. The united kingdom should continue to keep trident a strong nuclear deterrent with the minimum four nuclear-powered submarines.

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Build Helicopters In The United Kingdom

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Created February 14, 2013 by frederick

To the british prime minister please take notice of signatures below and have helicopters for the british armed forces built in the united kingdom.

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Hms Plymouth

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Created March 26, 2012 by frederick

To the British Parliament Please stop ex naval boat H.M.S. Plymouth being cut up for scrap and the internal equipment being removed. This boat has connections with the Falklands conflict and should be preserved for the future. Possibly where it was built in plymouth.

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