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Stop The Vip Protocol.what Fear You Have From Your Own People

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Created December 24, 2015 by Wajeeha Alam

What is this….. People die. Students getting late from the oppurtunity of their lives. Is the goverment and all these politicians scared of their own people. Tumm aise kaam kyun karte ho ke apni awam se tum logon ko dar lagta hai.

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United Kingdom Air Space

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Created November 27, 2015 by f e sharpe

A petition to the united kingdom government. Please take notice of this petition and keep the united kingdom air traffic control system in the hands of the united kingdom government now and in the future, for security reasons

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Move The United Nations To Iran

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Created April 17, 2014 by Bilal Patel

The United States is a rogue nation that has instigated violence and invaded countries without pretexts, supports dictatorship and oppression against others, and should be held to account. The United States has again recently broken it’s international obligations and law by refusing entry to the United Nations of Iran’s nominated ambassador to the united nations, […]

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United Kingdom Electricity

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Created February 24, 2013 by frederick

Petition to the United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron Please take notice of signatures below from the United Kingdom public who want only the United Kingdom Government and parliament to decide how electricity is produced in the United Kingdom and not someone from the European Community.

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Change The Clan Motto To “oopa Gangnam Style”

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Created September 7, 2012 by Lloyd

We the members of awesome squad wish to jump on the popularity of “psy – gangnam style” and change the call of duty modern warfare 3 clan title to “gangnam style”

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