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Pony Tine In Parliment

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Created March 14, 2012 by Euan

As you may know. The german parliment have just introduced pony time, where german  politicians now watch my little pony: friendship is magic to cool down after a debate. I think this would be just as good for the english parliment, as a way to cool down after a heated topic on debate, this would make […]

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United Kingdom Union

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Created January 16, 2012 by frederick

Petition to the United Kingdom prime minister.   Please take notice of signatures below and keep the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales united.

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Shame on Google!

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Created November 11, 2011 by Vaun Earl Norman

It is my belief that Google Corp. have shown disrespect and moral cowardice in not marking  Remembrance Day on the 11/11/11 by creating a Google Doodle showing the sacrifice that past and present soldiers of all nationalities have sacrificed in all Wars.

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Should pay wont pay

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Created November 7, 2011 by Natalie Thompson

‘Should pay, won’t pay’ this petition is aimed at those fathers who do not financially contribute to their children’s upbringing. This is a massive problem (and a growing one) which needs stopping!  These fathers have no regards to actually how much it costs to bring up a child.  Them not paying ultimately affects the child’s quality […]

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Nuclear Pledge

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Created September 16, 2011 by Oliver Tickell

I hereby pledge to resist the UK Government’s nuclear power programme by all or any of the following means: refusing to pay a nuclear surcharge contained in energy bills; and paying the money into a ‘green fund’ to finance renewable energy and energy efficiency; voting in the next General Election for a party committed to […]

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