Bring Becca Back To Rocco Piazza Vlogs

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Created July 12, 2017 by Dj harry Holmes

Help bring becca back to rocco piazza vlogs as she has done nothing wrong so sign this petition to help get becca back to rocco piazza vlogs and help becca do vlogs with rocco again lets try get 500,000 people sign this petition and lets bring becca a.K.A the nanny back to rocco

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Keep This Dangerous Paedophile Locked Up For The Full 15 Years

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Created December 21, 2016 by Wendy Muhly

In 2009 david bowles from portsmouth, known in beckton and dagenham area. This animal was sentenced to 15 years for the rape and abuse of 5 children brave enough to speak out. These were historical cases starting when he was a teenager until he was sentenced. I have personally witnessed the devastation these attacks have […]

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Castrating Peadophiles

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Created March 11, 2016 by Kinsay Smith

As of yesterday march 10th 2016 i found out that this man, my dad has just been sent back to prison because hes a peadophile! It should be made into law that scumbags like him agree to be medically castrated before being let back into society again. It works in america so why are we […]

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Stop My Agony Aunt From Leaving

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Created July 22, 2015 by Donna Fyfe

Chris is one in a million and is my agony aunt, that usually doesn’t listen to what i’m whingeing about but just lets me moan. Then tells me to go home for wine. Yipp chris i blame you for me being a wino. Chris is our bucket list champion and keeps us informed about all […]

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Thomas Cook Should Give Their £3.5 To The Shepherd Family

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Created May 17, 2015 by Pat Jolly

Is is right that thomas cook receives £3. 5 million pounds from the hotel where christi and bobby shepherd died… While the parents who could have also died along with their children only receive £350,000 each…. Thomas cook achieved £8. 6 billion in sales last year. Add that to the money thos cook have made […]

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