British Egyptians Fighting Terrorism

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Created February 1, 2015 by Miriam Faragalla

We are a group of British Egyptians living in the united kingdom. We are truly concerned about the wave of terrorist attacks that have been taking place by the jihadist and isil both in europe. The scenes in Australia and Paris in the last few weeks were very alarming. Terrorism is not just confined to […]

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Give King Richard 3rd A Full State Funeral

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Created August 18, 2014 by Brian Ryder

King richard 3rd , the last plantagenet king , and the last english king to die in defence of our glorious lands on the battlefield. As such we believe when he is re-buried, he should receive a full state funeral with all the honours that this great man deserves! If the government can give margaret […]

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Start Taking Actions In Order To Stabilise The Situation In Ukraine, Instead Of Imposing Unfair Sanctions Against Russian Fedration.

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Created July 31, 2014 by Ilya Bychkov

The uk and a number of other goverments are blaiming russian federation for distabilising the situation in eastern ukraine. However, these govermrnts are not taking any actions to help the people who suffer through the war. The kiev govermrnt has used missiles, heavy artillery, mortars and other types of idf (indirect fire) in order to […]

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Delete The Post Of Chief Executive At Rossendale Borough Council

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Created July 21, 2014 by C Smith

We live in challenging economic times. We all have tough choices to make as to how we spend our money and the same is true with our council. The truth is that we don’t need a chief executive for such a small council (it’s one of the smallest in the country). The post costs us […]

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Revoke British Citizenship Of Anyone Traveling To Fight With Isis In Iraq.

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Created July 5, 2014 by Teshkow Sharif

British fighters traveling to iraq to fight with isis are being taught that borders do not exist. They are taught to brutally take what is not theirs and are encouraged via a strong social media campaign to get ready to take over the uk. With over 500 british fighters already in iraq, if they return […]

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