Remove Dudley North Labour Party M.p From Office.

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Created June 22, 2014 by eric davies

It is widely reported both in the media and on social media today (22. 6. 14 ) that labour mp ian austin who represents the dudley north constituency , had sent a message via his twitter account , the message relates to the uruguay and liverpool footballer louis suarez , who scored 2 goals against […]

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Eu Referendum Before Next Year’s General Election

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Created May 29, 2014 by Robert Barnes

We the undersigned demand that hm government legislates for a referendum of our continued membership of the european union before the next general election. It is nearly 40 years since the people last had a say on whether we stay in or leave the european union. We believe that hm government should legislate now and […]

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Somaliland Recognition Birmingham uk

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Created April 20, 2014 by shukri mohammed and Adam Abdi

        We are the citizens of the Birmingham UK Somalilanders who would like get as many people to sign our petition for Somaliland recognition. We believes that recognition in somaliland will help the country bring for stability in horn africa creating a situation where people can live in peace and harmony. We […]

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MPs should be more professional

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Created April 8, 2014 by Simon Wilson

When people work with a company, they are expected to act professionally and reliably. If they do something wrong, a good employer give them three warnings and they are out the house of commons is a place of work. This means the same rules should apply. The mps should be setting a good example to […]

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That There Should Be A Live Scottish Referendum Tv Debate Between Cameron And Salmond

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Created January 12, 2014 by Athol

The referendum later this year regarding scottish independence is so important to people throughout the whole of the current united kingdom that it is imperative that both the signatories to the edinburgh agreement take part in a live tv debate on this issue. It is insulting to all british people that the prime minister feels […]

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