Get Snapgames Back

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Created October 8, 2023 by Guveen Robson

We need snap chat games back, it’s not the same without it. Please help us get this back

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Help Bring Superfast Fibre Broadband To Rishworth

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Created July 1, 2015 by jon knight

We, the undersigned, support the provision of superfast broadband to rishworth, west yorkshire and would be interested in becoming customers for it.

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Stop Microsoft Frkm Giving Ios And Android Cortana

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Created November 10, 2014 by Demi nimmo

Lets stand together to stop microsoft from porting cortana to other platforms let tell them how we feel and lets stop them from doing it in the future to.

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Upgrade Stechford Exchange Cabinet CM/STE 37 To Support FTTC Broadband

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Created August 23, 2013 by Shafqat

UPDATE 05/09/2013 – Set petition to expire end of 06/09/2013. After further research, it seems that petitions will make no difference regardless of the number of signatures as only funding to upgrade any cabinet is the only real option.   After contacting BT Openreach to establish if Stechford exchange cabinet CM/STE 37 will be upgraded […]

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Get Bt Infinity To Glasgow,scotland

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Created November 1, 2012 by Donald

For a long time i have thought that scotland has needed bt infinity i currently am getting an average of 1 -6 download and upload of 1 and i am with virgin media which is a horrible isp and is showing superfast internet however is very slow. This is why scotland,glasgow is in dire need […]

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