School Road Safety In Long Ditton

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Created July 10, 2012 by David Williams

The safety of children near roads in long ditton is extremely important. We believe that this can be significantly improved by implementing a 20mph speed limit outside long ditton infants school and stretching to and including st mary’s junior school. Furthermore, this plan should include a pedestrian crossing outside the infants school.

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Get a bus service from Airth to the new hospital in larbert that goes to Falkirk bus station

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Created September 11, 2011 by Lauren Gray

Get a bus service from Airth to the new hospital in larbert that goes to Falkirk bus station.

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Don’t let the train factory in Derby close

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Created July 2, 2011 by frederick

A petition to the Prime Minister. Concerns for the factory were immediately raised when it lost the £1.4bn Thameslink contract last month, as most of its other projects are ending in the near future. Please take notice of signatures below and do not let the train factory in Derby close. The government should be supporting […]

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Petrol Discount for all in the Health Sector

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Created March 22, 2011 by Georgina

Petrol is going up! and needs to be lower or any carer and any one that works in the health sector are always going to struggle with getting to work as the fuel costs more some times then our wages!, many care companies will end up going bust due to carer's not affording to use […]

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Electrify the rail line to Swansea

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Created March 10, 2011 by Huw

The economic case for electrifying the rail line all the way from London to Swansea is extremely compelling. But the social and moral case is even stronger. Wales and the Welsh economy do not begin and end at Cardiff. South-west Wales is open for business but it needs a modern, efficient rail service so that […]

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