Petition For Luke Dunford Not To Get Suspended

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Created March 21, 2012 by Lukas

Write your petition here! Ok so basiclly im getting suspended for poking someone, please sign this, for me, and as a big general fuck you to the school

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AWO Petition

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Created March 5, 2012 by Young Abu

Organised and presented by the AWO Supplementary School Parents Support Group ‘Please help SAVE our school’ For nearly 20 years the Arab Women Organisation (AWO) has used the council owned facilities at City of Leeds High School (CoLHS). Now, after we helped save CoLHS from closure the new school management has decided to terminate this […]

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Justice For Brooke Lambert

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Created January 4, 2012 by mags

  brooke lambert   was killed by a wreckless driver  in america. Brooke was 15 who had a future ahead of her untill her life was cut short  .   we need justice for brooke and her family   

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Petition Against The Closure Of The Youth Service

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Created December 6, 2011 by Hanna

We the undersigned are outraged at North Somerset Council’s proposal to: “Delete all Youth Service posts” We know how vulnerable young people can be.  However, North Somerset Council is closing the service that is proven to work with significant success alongside them. We are calling for the proposal’s immediate withdrawal.

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Ginger Please Stop Eating My Oppas :c

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Created November 27, 2011 by Faye T. Lewis

This petition is for ginger to stop eating all the cookie dough (oppas) bc it hurts all the feels i have and i like my oppas to exist :c

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