Christchurch Needs Safe Cycle Lanes

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Created January 20, 2015 by adrian bowden


Cycling in christchurch is extremely dangerous, due to the fact we have no safe cycle lane infrastructure. Over two thousand children use Barrack Road and Fairmile, to get to Twynham, Priory and Christchurch infants/juniors schools. These are two of the busiest roads in dorset, and to have no provision to protect children from accident on these roads is unacceptable. Sections of these roads have some of the highest accident rates in the county. There are ‘some’ cycle lane markings on these roads, but they are unsuitable, discontinuous and dangerous with no physical separation or protection from speeding traffic. Christchurch council should be looking after the young people of our community, as well as promoting healthy living, fitness, sustainable transport and pollution reduction. So far, despite numerous letters and meetings, they are not showing any signs of addressing the situation. The principal transport planner at dorset county council is fully supportive of this initiative, however, without support from the local councillors, nothing will happen. Christchurch is ideal for cycling and decent cycle lanes as it’s relatively flat with under 5km distances from the town centre to residential areas. In order for the council to take any action, we need to demonstrate local support for improvements.

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    Stour Road and Barrack Road are used by thousands of children and parents who walk and cycle. The town centre is full of older people trying to cross roads. Yet there’s a complete dearth of zebra crossings and no good cycle facilities.
    The ‘car generation’ has failed to provide a decent urban environment for children and other vulnerable people. The next generation will have to sort out the mess they leave behind. Let’s start re-designing it now so the community can prosper

  2. Peter Henshaw UNITED KINGDOM

    Vital for the safety of Christchurch residents – young and old.

  3. Lesley Hottinger

    Drivers are more and more intolerant of cyclists and pedestrians

  4. John Grantham UNITED KINGDOM

    • So people feel safe enough to leave their cars at home and cycle – without fear of collisions with cars or buses or lorries…

    • Improve air quality especially for children and older people

    • Tackles congestion but costs less than building new roads to create more space for cars 348943/vfm-assessment-of-cycling-grants.pdf

    • “Compared to other metropolitan areas in England and Wales, the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch Urban Area is second only to London in terms of cycle potential…The Cycle Potential Index for Christchurch is the highest in the conurbation” Cycle Potential Index Report, Stear Davies Gleave, November 2011

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