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Created October 23, 2010 by Anna


If you have a Cineworld Unlimited Card the only way to get a film ticket is to be there at the cinema in person on the day of the show. You cannot pre book online or over the phone. Your only choice is the queue. You can't use the ticket machines at the cinema as they are for credit card purchases only. So your only choice is to tempt your luck, queue and hope that your film does not get sold out before you get to the till!
This petition is about getting better treatment for the regular monthly paying customers of Cineworld:
Possibility of pre booking, priority queues,
Unlimited card ticket kiosk (where you swipe your card and get the ticket!)

There are currently 198 signatures for this petition:


    Great petition.

  2. rebecca lambert UNITED KINGDOM

    especially annoying when everyones pre ordered the twilight tickets

  3. chris s UNITED KINGDOM

    Ridiculous having to queue when those who pay upfront online can collect their tickets from a machine!

  4. Mark Castle UNITED KINGDOM

    I always buy my tickets online so that I am guaranteed a ticket. I purchased unlimited the other day , hoping to save time and money. Its an outrage that for what we are paying, we cannot prebook! We should be able to prebook online, and then queue up for our card to swiped to get the tickets, simple!

  5. Liam Prince UNITED KINGDOM

    I know its cheaper than buying an individual ticket, but these cards show loyalty to a single chain of cinemas and we should have preferential treament


    Its unfair treatment. We are signing a contract for 12 months at the very least, what’s so hard to give us the feature that everyone wants! I pay £14.99 a month for a reason, to watch films, yet I’m asked to pay extra if I really want to see a new release, I have to book on the day. I for one dont see anything being done as its extra imcome to the business. They need to take into consideration that we are still buying the pop at the 300% margin they make and there not so great (personal opinion) pop corn. Everything is marked up, fair play, it’s marketing at the end of the day and it works. I find that the average consumer would spend more if prices where lowered, offered more choice and in fact received premium products for the premium price they pay.
    All in all I don’t see anything happening about it unfortunately.

  7. Banu prakash UNITED KINGDOM

    It is not fair that we regularly pay money and have no guarantee of seeing the cinema on the day we are free!! I went for a cinema once and I stood in the queue for 45 minutes only to hear that the seats have been filled and I can’t watch it and I was asked to come back some other time. So what is the use of having the card in such cases??? People with unlimited card must be allowed to make their reservations. It is only fair that people who are paying so much money that to regularly must receive better options.

  8. pawel urbanowski UNITED KINGDOM



    At lease do a booking & pick up section online.
    Then have 3 x “strikes & your out” for no-shows, having a ban on the use if the card if continually don’t turn up.
    We are being shafted! Pay every month yet get treated 2nd class

  10. Karen King UNITED KINGDOM

    I have an unlimited card but my friends don’t. I want to book tickets on-line but can’t get a ticket for myself even though I’m paying a regular monthly fee. What do I do? Book my friends tickets and hope I can still get a seat when we go? Its a bit risky

  11. sachin wahal UNITED KINGDOM

    Don’t wanna write much but the petition speaks for itself….I’ll cancel otherwise…so you could have my membership for 0 years or I could stay with cineworld for many years…..choice is yours cineworld. take action.!!!

  12. william lambert UNITED KINGDOM

    sort it out!!! so not fair

  13. Phil Ayling UNITED KINGDOM

    Ive been a loyal Cineworld customer for over ten years I’m appalled at the lack of service you off Unlimited card holders! Why am I paying £15 a month for the inability to pre book!?!?!? It seams crazy you would deny your most loyal customers this. I would like to see this rectified ASAP or I will be cancelling my card.
    Im very disappointed with this.

  14. Georgina Wilson-Watson GERMANY

    I live in central London and frequently miss out of shows that I would like to see because of this. I have actually cancelled my 2 year standing membership and wouldn’t consider renewing it until I stopped missing out on popular showings.

  15. Kirsty Evans UNITED KINGDOM

    I do not understand why it offers for you to book online using your unlimited card and allows you to input your card details but then will not complete the booking. If you cannot book online using a cineworld card, why offer the option to?


    I believe, paying a monthly subscription to the unlimited card should provide you with more perks as I regularly visit the cinema over the others, however, because I am unable to book online, I often find myself going elsewhere when a new movie comes out to book

  17. Chaitanya Gandhi UNITED KINGDOM

    Great Petition

  18. Shannon UNITED KINGDOM

    I’m not sure weather it’s going to worth paying all the money for the unlimited pass if there’s no garantee I’m going to get into the film I want when I want.
    Those getting the unlimited pass should be having priority and be able to choose. There seats and pre book

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