Clean Up Savernake!

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Created July 30, 2013 by Lauradee

**EDIT- I started the petition below in 2013 and sadly only gathered 80 signatures, yesterday seeing yet another post about the state of the lake, and more sadly the distressing photos of a large amount of fish gathered all gasping for air, as well as dead fish that have seemingly suffocated really saddened me. There are people of the community that have been trying to help but since yesterday this has been reported numerous times and still no one has been out. Today, with the help of our local facebook group ‘we love Bracknell ‘ I believe we will be able to get enough signatures to move forward.**


Savernake lake was once a lovely park, with lots of wildlife and pond life. On visiting recently i was appalled to see how the place many of us spent our childhood was full of litter and squalor. The streams that were once cared for are not even in eyes view, but over grown with weeds, nettles and bushes, on closer inspection the stream is full of litter, junk and even glass. This was once a place the kids spent summers finding the many frogs that used to live happily in the waters. The lake itself, in parts is a sad state. Again, litter and filth and lots of it. It really saddened me to see a family of young water hen swimming around near such a state, i dread to imagine the dangers to the wildlife beneath the waters. I struggle to understand why no investment goes into keeping one of bracknells community parks clean, when such pointless money is being spent around the community’s on things such as tree carvings! If any of you remember savernake from your childhood, and are sad to hear of it recent conditions, or if you want to support us in helping getting this park cleaned up and protecting the wildlife i ask you please to sign this petition. I will make complaints, present these signatures of support and do my best to help get this lake and streams cleaned up.


thanks for reading 🙂

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