Cruelty to animals need stronger punishment

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Created May 22, 2012 by siobhan

Animal Welfare

Animal cruelty is becoming very serious too many animals are suffering each year and each year the numbers are rising. With 2,071 convictions in 2005 (and thousands more that were un convicted or not noticed) 26,000 animals had lack of water and 35,000 were not getting suitable vet care.

In 2011, the numbers of convicted cases were 1,341. An increase of 23.5% since 2010. And again the thousands more un convicted cases and unreported cases. This includes neglect, violence and abuse and plenty more.

I am trying to get the people who are cruel to animals to get a stronger punishment i.e. prison sentence, larger fine, banned from having animals for life.

Animals cannot speak for themselves. so many animals suffer every minute of every day in so many different ways, we need to try our best to prevent people causing this suffering.  HUMANS NEED TO FIGHT FOR ANIMALS RIGHTS.

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    killing or harming an animal is no different than killing or harming a human in my opinion …life is life no matter what form it takes

  2. chris lewis UNITED KINGDOM

    a life is a life scum who harm animals need their life taken away what good are they to anyone

  3. clare stoddern


  4. Amethyst Vangel UNITED STATES

    animal cruelty is horrific.

  5. barbie UNITED KINGDOM

    its damn wrong

  6. helen guerin
  7. Natasha
  8. crystal UNITED KINGDOM

    this is awful.and a lot of dog kennels are also responsible for this cruelty too :((


    Strongly agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! abusing an animal is no different to abusing a child.

  10. Lyla

    I agree

  11. Naomi Rankin ICELAND

    Animal cruelty is not a minor crime and perpetrators should be banned from animal ownership.

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