Disabled Letchworth resident told he cant take mobility scooter on holiday

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Created October 21, 2010 by kathleen

Human Rights

How can this even happen in 2010?!?!?!

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  1. kathleen Porter letchworth UNITED KINGDOM

    as i said before. this should never happen. EVER.

  2. richard dale letchworth UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Clair Worsfold Merthyr Tydfil UNITED KINGDOM

    This is ridiculous! I am disabled and use a travelscoot which I had to import from USA because there isn't a portable scooter in the UK that I can put together myself. There are lots of places I can't go and it's high time that the DDA was imposed with strict penalties for not complying.

  4. Rebecca Case Aberdeen

    It is ridiculous!

  5. Norbert Storbeck Barnsley INDIA

    But no doubt, the train company bends over backwards to accommodate push chairs and prams. Having a disability is not something you can control, having children is.

  6. c caruzzi southend on sea UNITED KINGDOM

    as any disabled person will tell you,discrimination,ignorance and insensitivity are still rife and make our lives even harder than they are.all we can do is educate and keep up the fight for basic help and understanding.petitions such as this are marvellous way to do it – good luck.

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