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Created November 23, 2014 by James Mc Guinness


We the undersigned are requesting that Arsene Wenger is removed from his position as arsenal manager. Since 2005, arsenal have won one trophy in 9 years (2014). During this period, arsenal’s best players were sold. It was explained by arsenal that they were in transition due to having large debts which arose out of building the new stadium. At the time arsenal’s ticket prices were the most expensive in england. Recently arsenal has stated that they are no longer in transition and have the money to invest in the team. However this has clearly been ignored by the manager. Arsenal’s defence was poor last season and the response by the manager was to let three defenders leave and bring in two defenders. This decision has been demonstrated as being a very poor decision when for the last few games a left back has been playing as a central defender. It was also stated by various football experts that arsenal need a defensive midfielder and the manager has ignored this and results this season show arsenal urgently need a defensive midfielder. There is also a problem with tactics as demonstrated in a number of games this season and particularly against man united when the whole team goes up attacking and nobody stays back to defend. These tactics are solely down to the manager and the response to bad performances is to keep picking under performing players. Some players are picked due to the manager thinking they can do no wrong and also due to not having a strong enough squad to change players. The manager does not accept criticism and always has an excuse for defeats. It should be noted that arsenal increased their prices this year making them one of the most expensive in the world. The prices of tickets was mentioned before to the manager and he responded by saying fans should go and after the game decide whether the prices are worth it. It is my view that no arsenal fan who went yesterday or for the majority of games this season would say they are getting value for money. Enough is enough, the club needs to go in another direction and it is the fans who need to start this action. I would therefore ask all arsenal fans who care about this club to sign this petition or this mediocrity will continue. The manager needs to go.

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  1. James Mc Guinness

    I agree with this petition as I am the author of it.

  2. Oisin mc Guinness IRELAND

    I agree 100%, WENGER OUT


    I feel that the manager’s acceptance of 4th as a trophy is enough to mean he no longer should be the manager of this great club

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