Don’t Turn Westwood Park Into A Car Park

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Created September 3, 2012 by yasmin


A local park, which is used by multi-users, could be turned into a car park. In the process, trees will be taken down and the already limited open space for the community will be stripped from the members of society that rely upon this park. The car park will be in very close proximity to some residents and the fear is that traffic, nose and light pollution will have great effects on the residents. Mainly the traffic pollution will have its greatest effects, as there are only two entrances to this quiet community. This indicates more traffic for the quiet streets making roads unsafe for children, which usually is not usually an issue. Despite this, it is impossible to replace this park as many people use it and we do not have space for another park with the same facilities. This community is family based and has many youths and growing members of society, which use this park regularly. The greenery, trees and wildlife that comes with the park is a feature of this community. The park facilities itself keeps the young entertained and draws people towards fitness and keeping healthy. Without this park, i can see no positives for the community. What appears to be a short-term solution for a car park will certainly cause long-term issues. Please sign this petition if you feel strongly about community and nature! This park is much loved and the wildlife too.

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  1. Jeanette Holmgren SWITZERLAND

    The human specie is overcrowding the planet and we are destroying the enviroment. It has got to stop!

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