Dual the A1 Between Edinburgh to Newcastle

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Created February 5, 2010 by Malcolm


We the undersigned petition the Secretary of State for Transport that the A1 between Edinburgh to Newcastle should be made into a dual carriage motorway.
As the main east coast route from England to Scotland the road is a disgrace. It affects business as well as tourism.

There are currently 19 signatures for this petition:

  1. mally ord Durham UNITED KINGDOM

    Long overdue


    This road is a national disgrace.Heads should be ripped off in Westminster for inaction.Full dualling from Morpeth to Dunbar NOW !

  3. Paul Garcia-Sierra Folkestone UNITED KINGDOM
  4. alison middleton rothbury UNITED KINGDOM

    I travel this road every week and have had several near crashes in my car due to people overtaking dangerously

  5. liam laidler alnwick UNITED KINGDOM
  6. David Stuart Alnwick UNITED KINGDOM

    Not only is the current situation extremely dangerous, it is a national embarrassment thst visiting tourists experience this old road.

  7. Lesley Brooker Alnwick UNITED KINGDOM

    If money can be fond to upgrade the A1 in Yorkshire from dual carriageway to motorway, why is it not available to upgrade our section from single to dual carriageway????

  8. Suzi Howey Morpeth UNITED KINGDOM

    I use the A1 twicce a week for work and whilst the journey should only take about 20 mins – it often takes me up to an hour. Please dual the A1!

  9. Paul R Greenwood Leatherhead UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Nick McAdam Edinburgh UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Moray Martin Swarland UNITED KINGDOM

    The stretch from Morpeth to Dunbar is incredibly dangerous as can be seen by the injury and fatality statistics. There is a duty of care and a moral obligation on the government to sort this out now.

  12. Edward Nsubuga Edinburgh

    It is urgent this road be dualised, for the convenience of all time visitation and the tourist industry at the East coast and easy access as well.

  13. Fiona Hutton Falkirk UNITED KINGDOM

    My wonderful parents tragically lost their lives on the A9 almost 6 months ago due to an overtaking driver on a single lane. Its just shameful & disgraceful that these vital roads such as the A1 & A9 should even need a campaign, its just common sense. God bless all who have lost loved ones on this road as we share your daily agony.

  14. Sandra Lang UNITED KINGDOM

    Glad to sign this

  15. james munro PORTUGAL

    Very dangerous road between Berwick and Morpeth, dualing is a no brainer. Would benefit the economies of both countries especially trade with mainland Europe if improved. Lack of of action so far due to typical Southern centric thinking!

  16. Alistair McLEAN

    Long overdue, the duallisation of the A1 in Scotland while large sections of already dual carriageway in England get upgraded to motorway. A previous Chief of Lothian & Borders Police commented publically “How many more lifes will it take to be lost on the A1 before it is upgraded to dual carriageway?” !!

  17. Frank quinn UNITED KINGDOM

    It would definitly bring alot more buisness between the 2 cities

  18. Robert Renwick UNITED KINGDOM

    About time this road was made into a motorway!

  19. Kathleen Renwick UNITED KINGDOM

    Absolutely disgraceful that the M1 from London is not a motorway type road all the way to Edinburgh- its a 3 lane motorway to North Yorkshire, dual to Newcastle and then a few miles north of Newcastle it’s a single lane road just about all the way to Edinburgh

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