East Ruston Infant School Justice for the PFA Make the management and Chair of Governors accountable for their cover up

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Created May 3, 2011 by Sharon


The East Ruston PFA reported to the police a serious concern regarding a large amount of money that seemed to be missing when they took over the accounts. The police and crown prosecution service have investigated but are taking no further action. Parents, carers and the wider community have all contributed to PFA funds for the good of the children. We call upon the school Governors for a full explanation.

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  1. Sharon Peters North Walsham UNITED KINGDOM

    I took my children out of this school due to the inappropriate actions of the Headteacher and severe breaches of confidentiality. The head continuously told me that she would arrange meetings about this issue but has not – she then says nothing is missing and refuses to deal with the bullying that has occured towards the ladies who reported this crime.

  2. Bella Yallop

    Dont have children who go to this school, but its disgusting that someone could do this when the money could be used to support those childrens education & future !!

  3. simon conyers north walsham UNITED KINGDOM

    after being told my 2 boys cause more trouble than any other in the school 1 of which is autistic and has speacial needs what isnt being met i have pulled them both out of the school. And i asked penny where the money went and she said there has been none go missing. SO WHERE IS IT THEN?

  4. shayne hipperson sutton UNITED KINGDOM

    destroying todays tommorow!!!!!

  5. ricky thomas UNITED KINGDOM

    this needs to be given priority. these people are in a position of trust and trust should not be so flagrantly abused.

  7. stephen bartrum UNITED KINGDOM

    nobody should steal money from money strapped primary schools

  8. sarah marston FRANCE
  9. Eleanor Everett UNITED KINGDOM
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