Electrify the rail line to Swansea

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Created March 10, 2011 by Huw


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  1. Thomas Wheeler Near Cardigan UNITED KINGDOM

    I'm signing, not because of the social or economic case but because of the moral case. The solution to through services beyond Cardiff was to use bi-mode trains (basicly diesel trains with the ability to run on electric power). The fuel ecomony of such trains will be diabolical, as they, like the Voyagers, will be designed to accelerate like an electric train.

    This means without electrification to Swansea the new trains will be far more poluting than the current INTERCITY 125s.

  2. Scott Westron London UNITED KINGDOM
  3. David Anderson Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Graham Craig Caerdydd UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Helen Stokes-Lampard Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM

    I originate from Swansea and have family and friends there. I never cease to be amazed by the shabby way that Swansea is treated compared to Cardiff – this is yet another example of the Cardiff crowd wanting to be closer to London and further from the rest of Wales. Compared to farcical HS2 project this is a bargain way to improve transport links.

  6. David Clubb Bridgend DENMARK
  7. Marc Evans Caerdydd / Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM

    If the electrification of the rail line is to do any significant economic good for the long term in the south east and wider afield, then it must reach the areas where there is potential for significant expansion of manufacturing. Cardiff will mostly supply commuters to London and Bristol and improve the perception of business outside that Wales is 'within reach' (instead of their current perceptions (WAG research) that Wales is at least an infeasible half-day's single journey away). \r\nIt seems that even the UK Govt. is agreed in the benefits of going ahead, just that they think the current demand is too low and therefore the business risk too high. This is a case of the patient being seen to be weak while blood flow is still restricted – the increased competitiveness makes business growth that much more possible – and there is latent potential in the Bridgend to Swansea area, especially given the University of Swansea plans for growth. \r\nFinally (although there are many other arguments in favour), it strikes me that the economic case for delay is short sighted. In fact, the greater long term advantage in reduced costs to the public purse will come of making a continuous package of the works rather than stopping and starting electrification. Other ways of (Westminster through or even with WAG) obtaining financial relief should be sought (e.g. European Bank, ERDF, but not PFI) to soften lessen the immediate extra burden.

  8. Kate Yau Llansamlet UNITED KINGDOM

    Yes… I agree.

  9. Felicity Barry Marlow UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Lowri Jenkins Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Carys Whittet UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Anys Wood Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  13. david Roberts Swansea UNITED KINGDOM

    There is life West of Cardiff. Let some invest flow West , it is vital for WAG and central goverment to acknowledge this

  14. Emrys Fuge Swansea UNITED KINGDOM

    Swansea will become another branchline

  15. Sian Roberts Swansea UNITED KINGDOM

    It would be such an asset for Swansea.

  16. Owain Vaughan Newport UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Anne Garel Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  18. kim maxwell swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  19. R Henchliffe Mumbles Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Ian Worthing Swansea UNITED KINGDOM

    South-west Wales needs a modern, efficient rail service so that it can fulfil its enormous potential

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