Electrify the rail line to Swansea

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Created March 10, 2011 by Huw


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There are currently 831 signatures for this petition:

  1. Suresh Dal;avaye Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Geraldine Edwards Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Marie Griffiths Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Steve Williams Swansea UNITED KINGDOM

    If the government is serious about sharing access and opportunities across the country then this upgrade is essential.

  5. Harold Thimbleby UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Harold Thimbleby Swansea UNITED KINGDOM

    Very bad user interface — oh please get it evaluated and redesigned! Like explain the captcha, and don't get 'sign' to pre-empt the user… and then not allow users to correct their signature.

  7. jemima thimbelby swansea UNITED KINGDOM

    to whom it may concern.

    I think continuing the electrifying the line to Swansea, is a great idea. I use the line a lot and the slow running effects my travel.

    yours faithfully Jemima thimbleby

  8. Rod Mason Swansea UNITED KINGDOM

    In addition to being an academic, I have a small company, which operates on an international level from Swansea. As part of my business I am a very regular user of the service between Swansea and London. Swansea is not a small and out of the way place, it is at the hub of S. West Wales. It is already at the end of the line. The decision not to include Swansea in the electrification plan is start the process of relegating it to the outer reaches. This is the wrong political signal. It must be included. Welsh Assembly, where are you?

  9. Delith Thorpe Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Andy Thorpe London UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Susan Morgan swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Helen Claire Davies Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Rhian Porter Neath UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Kate Bassett London UNITED KINGDOM
  15. gareth evans neath UNITED KINGDOM

    sooner better than later

  16. Hywel Lloyd UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Richard Johnston Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  18. William Harrison Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Vicki Little swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  20. adrian watts swansea UNITED KINGDOM
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