Electrify the rail line to Swansea

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Created March 10, 2011 by Huw


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There are currently 831 signatures for this petition:

  1. Hayley Ashford Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Rachel Coffey Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  3. tracey davey swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Simon Ahearne swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Eric Griffiths Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM
  6. angela andrews swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  7. John Graham Swansea UNITED KINGDOM

    Wales does not stop at Cardiff

  8. Chris Goodbourn Swansea UNITED KINGDOM

    It will be a massive attraction for Swansea to have a reduced journey time from London. This will increase Business and Tourism potential

  9. John Morgan Skewen UNITED KINGDOM

    As a regular rail user and companion to a disabled railcard user I feel we should not be overlooked.

  10. Mary Lewis UNITED KINGDOM
  11. S Lewis Llandeilo UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Matthew Locke Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Mark Thomas Southport UNITED KINGDOM

    Wales doesnt stop at Cardiff!

  14. S mullen Swansea

    The line needs to be electrified to secure the economic future of south west wales – which is already much pooorer than other parts of the UK

  15. Diane Thomas Southport UNITED KINGDOM

    Not having to make the journey by car would certainly mean I would visit Swansea more often.

  16. Ifan James Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Stephen Lorey Swansea UNITED KINGDOM

    why not extend the work to Swansea?

  18. Jackie Fisher Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Len Margetson Worksop UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Philip Jardine Llandysul UNITED KINGDOM

    Swansea is the problem and this is a mighty distraction – West Wales [not Swansea] needs a proper rail link to Cardiff and beyond that by passes the ridiculous diversion into Swansea and prolongs an already way too long journey by up to another 30 minutes – by all means extend electrification into West Wales but do so on the basis of a new Carmarthen to Cardiff line that at most has a Parkway in Neath or someway nearby and does not chug into and reverse out of Swansea which is off the beaten track in any event.

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