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Created December 29, 2010 by Laura


“End the postcode lottery for IVF funding and to ensure that current guidelines for IVF funding are adhered to by ALL PCT's.

NICE clearly state in their guidelines for fertility;

“Couples in which the woman is aged 23-39 years at the time of treatment and who have an identified cause for their fertility problems (such as azoospermia or bilateral tubal occlusion) or who have infertility of at least 3 years’ duration should be offered up to three stimulated cycles of in vitro fertilization treatment.”

Unfortunately, many PCT’s do not adhere to this, leaving many couples facing a tough financial commitment or the bleak possibility of having to wait until they are old enough to meet the PCT’s criteria. Whereas some PCT’s do not offer funding for treatment at all.

Please note: Waiting for treatment reduces a women’s fertility rate.

It seems that funding for IVF is not given on the basis of fairness, but on where you live.

For example, if you are in Coventry, your local PCT will follow nice guidelines, however in Oxford your PCT use their own rules making you wait until 35 years old. At this age success per cycle drops to only 23.6% (HFEA 2006).

This discrimination is unacceptable as National Health Insurance is not dependant on where you live, so why should healthcare be?.
Former Secretary of State for Health, Dr John Reid, said that he wanted “all PCTs, including those who at present provide no IVF treatment, to offer at least one full cycle of treatment to all those eligible. In the longer term I would expect the NHS to make progress towards full implementation of the Nice guidance”. His deadline for this was April 2005, but little has changed

All I am asking for is – End the postcode lottery for ALL UK residents when it comes to IVF funding.”

There are currently 92 signatures for this petition:

  1. Booth

    My partner and I have been denied IVF by Stockport PCT,its very frustrating as someone living 6 miles up the road is given three cycles because they are with a different PCT. So unfair, hopefully the review in November will be a positive one and the funding will be reinstated. Fingers crossed.

  2. katie austin-davis UNITED KINGDOM

    i have no problems with fertility but feel awful for people who do and the way the nhs handles it is horrid

  3. Jenny Grozier UNITED KINGDOM

    We were lucky enough to be able to afford further cycles privately after our first failed attempt on the NHS and now have an amazing 2 year old daughter, I don’t even want to think about where we would be now if we hadn’t been able to afford it. A postcode lottery on any type of NHS treatment is unforgivable, never mind the fact that it makes no sense.

  4. Louise Ashton

    Funding should be fair to all not dependent on your address

  5. Alan Smith

    It’s a disgrace that this treatment isn’t available for all.


    NHS rules should be equal for all regardless of where you live

  7. Kate Willett

    Stop this lottery now!

  8. Paula Pugh UNITED KINGDOM

    I support this petition

  9. Angela Fielder UNITED KINGDOM

    My husband and i live in Newcastle, the good bit is they have an upper limit for certain funding for IVF, they take private patients over 40! The bad bit is you are not allowed to have kids from ANY previous relationships! My hubby was married before and has 2 kids, I waited til I met someone I wanted to build a life with and I’m now 37, TTC for 8 years but cannot have funding because I have stepchildren! It’s ridiculous, I have had 2 failed IVF attempts and I’m now starting round 3. I should at least get 1 go at it funded by PCT! If I needed a gastric band I would get one on NHS, it’s just wrong.

  10. russell humphrey UNITED KINGDOM

    my wife in november 2011 had her overies dilled to help her conseve ,when we went back to the hospital in jan 2012 we where turned away and told thay cant help us anymore because we dont meet the required standards ( BMI and OUR POST CODE ) who are thay to say who can and cant be a pearent and to be sent away halfway in to our treatment our dreams of having our own kids shaterd

  11. nicola UNITED KINGDOM


  12. Joy Bentley UNITED KINGDOM

    The postcode lottery has to be stopped

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