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Created November 3, 2009 by john

National Affairs

We the undersigned request that David Cameron confirms his original promise to hold a referendum on the Lisbon treaty, otherwise known as the European Constitution before the end of 2009

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    Lets have a vote and return to self government. The sooner we do the sooner this country will recover.

  3. Nicholas Dancer Sheffield UNITED KINGDOM

    Britains membership of The European Union has done untold damage to this country, David Cameron is very good at talking touh on Europe but not acting tough. The 1st thing Cameron did as leader in 2005 was scrap the pledge to get rid of CFP because it would mean leaving the EU, Cameron puts European integration before our local economies as do all 3of the big parties. I shall never vote for them again!

  4. christine Ball Weymouth UNITED KINGDOM
  5. James Evans Stockport UNITED KINGDOM

    It is disgraceful that we are not allowed a say in such an important matter that costs us a fortune every day.

  6. Deena Chapman Camberley

    Just get us out – period.

  7. Frankles UNITED KINGDOM

    The British people would welcome a Referendum on EU membership!! Fortunately, we are not part of the Euro monetary unit but our Sterling is being eroded rapidly by member countries of the EU with Turkey on its way to join them/us!! Withdraw NOW from the EU then ridiculous daily payments, “aid” to other members and the cutting of the number of immigrants allowed into this country may HELP Britain to get out of debt – CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME!!!

  8. LHK Symons

    It’s simple ,he lied to us to get our votes,and once he was in,we didn’t matter!

  9. jim tuck UNITED KINGDOM

    it`s about time this government started to listen to the general public and give us the referendum that we ask for,they don.t always know what is best for the UK

  10. maureen jefferson UNITED KINGDOM

    eu is bankrupting Britain.I have voted ukip last4 elections and willcontinue.I voted no in 70s knowing where it would end.Fat cats win again,we pay.Too much money leaves Britain instead of circulating around our own economy.Politicians promise anything to get elected then feather their own nests.Greek crisis proves it doesn’t work.Cost of living soars,because bargaining power gone.GET US OUT NOW.

  11. colin jefferson UNITED KINGDOM

    we should never have been taken in without a referendum,but,they knew we would vote against it,and,they now know we will vote to come out

  12. Sandra Eyston UNITED KINGDOM

    We demand complete freedom from europe.

  13. jacqui weems UNITED KINGDOM

    You promised us a referendum on the EU. The majority of the people in this Country want this. We elected you to run our Country not some faceless wonder in Brussels.

  14. Ian Tonge UNITED KINGDOM

    We are being taken for mugs, and pretty soon they will have bled us dry.


    all past PM’s have eluded the original reason for signing ie common market so let us regain this position.

  16. Graham Rice UNITED KINGDOM

    Do what you promised or GO

  17. Lawson Symons UNITED KINGDOM

    Another PM too cowardly to face up to Germany and France. If he is not prepared to represent the British poeple he must go NOW!

  18. p lonsdale UNITED KINGDOM

    Make M.P.s vote in favour of the electorate not on their own beliefs or any party whips


    Best of luck,but I bet Cameron chickens out again.

  20. jim tuck UNITED KINGDOM

    at any coming general election i will be voting for UKIP UNLESS IN THE INTERIM PERIOD we get our deserverd right to vote on the EU referendum

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