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Created May 16, 2010 by Adam


Phillipa Stroud and Chris Grayling have repeatedly demonstrated extremely homophobic and prejudicial attitudes. It is inappropriate that they have received senior positions advising, or serving within, the new government. Chris Grayling is utterly unfit to serve as a Minister of State in Her Majesty's Government. Phillipa Stroud's rabid homophobia should be denied a voice. We call upon the Prime Minister to live up to his claims to be a "liberal" Conservative, and remove these people from these roles immediately.

There are currently 16 signatures for this petition:

  1. Adam Highway Brighton UNITED KINGDOM
  2. jake bird wigan UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Patrick O'Brien UNITED KINGDOM
  4. annette wendt brighton UNITED KINGDOM

    homophobia is as unacceptable as racism, it has no place in a modern progressive government.

  5. Matthew Forth Pateley Bridge, Harrogate UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Andy Smith Sheffield UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Richard McCarthy UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Shane Woodhouse Winchester UNITED KINGDOM
  9. stephen faulkner manchester UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Jason Davies bexhill UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Helen Pickin wrexham UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Ria Kirkbride Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM

    If you're going to be part of a Lib Dem coalition then this kind of bigotry CANNOT exist in a party, in this day and age regardless of a Lib Dem Coalition, this cannot continue!

  13. Jennifer Smith
  14. Gill Atkinson Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM

    They should not be allowed in office but before that somebody should educate them, what ignorance

  15. Fiona Marquet London UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Paul Crittenden London UNITED KINGDOM
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