Gina Robins – Maximum Sentence

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Created November 24, 2011 by b

Animal Welfare

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  1. Micky van den Bosch SWEDEN

    It´´s too sick for words!

  2. Catherine Turley UNITED STATES

    give her life! someone that mentally unstable should never be loose in society. we don’t learn our lesson. every time we let an animal killer go free, they proceed to commit more crimes against humanity.

  3. Dawn Morrison UNITED KINGDOM

    Disgusting! This woman is EVIL! Lock her up and throw away the key!

  4. Wendy Middlehurst

    Please put her in prison for a long time for the unnecessary suffering she caused a defenceless kitten, take her kids off her as she is clearly a psychopath, and throw away the key. I am glad she doesn’t live near me!!!!!!

  5. Marjolein Eweg UNITED KINGDOM


  6. Toni Adisano UNITED STATES

    Please see that this “thing” receives the maximum sentence allowed under the law…then add on another 100 yrs

  7. Tanya short UNITED KINGDOM

    The animals don’t have a voice, well they have mine. It’s time we took a stand. It is so wrong and often the perpetrators go on to commit further cruelty or even murder on humans, nip it in the bud and set an example.


    This woman is human garbage & needs to be removed from our streets for as long as possible. I can’t say what I’d actually like done with her.

  9. Wendy Gill UNITED KINGDOM

    life for a life

  10. Dawn Marie UNITED STATES

    According to British news report, Robins sent a text ending the friendship with kitten’s owner and adding the message: “Remember the saying, ‘What goes around comes around’?” “The cat? Karma.”

    Robins has a toddler and the child should be permanently removed from this sadistic psychopath. She is a danger to society. It would be in everyone’s best interest, if she were locked away for the rest of her life. I wonder what deviant things this lunatic has gotten away with in her life?

  11. Fay Williams UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a horrific crime inflicted on a defenceless creature.This woman should be given the maximum sentence available(which still won’t be long enough!).A civilised society should not tolerate such despicable acts and should send a message to such perpetrators by awarding much harsher sentences.

  12. Nancy Roussy CANADA

    Do the same thing to her that she did to her victim!



  14. Georgia Eldridge

    The link between torturing animals and the progression to torturing children and other defenceless individuals is well proven. This poor kitten suffered terribly, her behaviour was premeditated. She intended to murder it and as such the sentance must be the maximum the law can award.

  15. H.J. Roozendaal NETHERLANDS

    Poor , poor kitten .She is gone through hell . I hope Ribins is going through hell too, someday.

  16. Jennifer boardman UNITED KINGDOM

    I think we should microwave her. If not, severe punishment… As if she done it to another human, animals are just as important. I hope dies a painful death, horrific excuse of a human being

  17. Mrs Mander UNITED STATES

    Sick piece of crap.

  18. Kathy Bean UNITED STATES

    She should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! How barbaric and cruel! She has total disrepect for a living, feeling being, and it suffered horribly at her hands.

  19. Barbara Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Lock her up….For her own safety. After what she did, she’s not going to be safe walking the streets, trust me. She’s evil and a total waste of space.

  20. Betty Jean Herner UNITED STATES

    She is one sick weirdo

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