Gina Robins – Maximum Sentence

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Created November 24, 2011 by b

Animal Welfare

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  1. Ellaine Lurie-Janicki UNITED STATES

    She should get at least 30 yrs. Just the same as killing a human. I’m demanding the full punishment from the court

  2. Victoria P CANADA

    horrible to abuse a animal, that person deserves to be shot

  3. Tawny AUSTRALIA

    Anyone that could do this to an innocent kitten is a great danger if left free in the community. Please give her the maximum sentence possible. It’s very scary living in a world with unfeeling creatures like her. She’s capable of anything.

  4. Eduardo Campos CHILE

    Maximum sentence please.

  5. Kate Kenner UNITED STATES

    No compassionate person microwaves an animal nor should anyone who does that be allowed to walk away without being called to the carpet about it. This is a reprehensible act and she must answer to her heinous crime. Kittens deserve love, not death.

  6. MaryAnn Bova

    This act was pure evil. Please impose the harshest sentence possible.

  7. Jennifer Kettlewell UNITED KINGDOM

    This story and Robin’s actions have genuinely shocked me to the absolute core. She has no right to torture another living thing; let alone in such a disgusting way. I have been so affected by this story of such flagrant disregard of an innocent and defenceless creature’s life that I have been unable to sleep for days. This woman is a danger to those around her and absolutely should be made an example of in order to stop anyone doing anything like this again. I can’t begin to imagine how someone might have so little humanity that they could do this.

  8. Lindsay McWilliams

    Crazy sentencing.

  9. Joanne S

    This act was pure evil. Please impose the harshest sentence possible.

  10. Alison Arnold UNITED KINGDOM

    This disgraceful behaviour is not acceptable, people who could do such a horrendous act are not the type of people I want (or any decent human being wants) sharing this world. They should be punished to the full extent of the law at minimum.

  11. Maria Schneider GERMANY

    Maximum sentence for her !!

  12. Ashley Alliett CANADA

    Maximum sentence!

  13. Ashley Alliett CANADA


  14. Amer Begic Edina Novalic BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA

    Gina must go to the jail.

  15. Amer Begic Edina Novalic BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA

    Gina is guilty

  16. Nina Eckhoff

    This is murder. Punish as such.

  17. Jeromy Henderson UNITED STATES

    She is a real disgusting human being, her kid should be taken away from her as it is clearly she is unfit to raise any child. The maximum sentence plus more is what she should receive…

  18. Becky Oxford

    There is no excuse for this type of behaviour, and it should not be tolerated in the slightest. If you wish to send a clear message regarding animal abuse, I urge you to give Gina Robins the maximum allowable punishment for this despicable crime. Thank you.

  19. Frank Gerry UNITED STATES

    It’s a severely cruel thing, to roast a kitten to death. A severe punishment is necessary. We protect our companion animals from heinous cruelty.

  20. manasa INDIA

    She must definitely be punished for that sadistic and inhumane behavior

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